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Express Drive Thru & 24-7 Valet Services

Convenient Dry Cleaning Services in Cape Ann

As the most trusted Cape Ann dry cleaners since 1969, Nor'east Cleaners has always aimed to make the lives of customers easier. For that reason, we offer express drive thru services and 24/7 valet as one of our greatest offerings. With these services, you can simply drop off or pick up your clothes quickly and efficiently. Automatic billing and record keeping can make the entire process completely hassle-free.

This service is ideal for:

  • Parents with small kids
  • Those with physical limitations
  • Ideal for rainy, snowy, or otherwise inclement weather days

Our 24/7 valet service allows you to gain access to your dry cleaning order at any time of the day or night—you only have to use your phone number and PIN. Customers interested in taking advantage of this tremendous convenience simply need to complete an EXPRESS application and submit to the Nor'east Cleaners located on Railroad Avenue. After processing, the system can be available for use at any time you choose.

To learn more about either of these time-saving options, call us at (978) 283-4545.