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We're proud to be recognized for the services that we provide as well as the quality of our work. The following entries feature recent news articles about Nor'east Cleaners. We welcome you to browse through our news archive.

Cleaners Making A Difference For Children In Africa

We are very proud to share with all of our friends how David Mering, the owner of Nor'east Cleaners, is helping to make the world a better place. A big thank you to Gadue's Dry Cleaning, Horrigan Cleaners, Swiss Cleaners & Uniform Services, DeLuxe Cleaners, Cudney's Launderers & Dry Cleaners, Toomey's Cleaners, @The Cleanist, Minute Men Cleaners, Dermody Cleaners for your generous donations.

Reprint National Clothesline May 2013

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Noreast Cleaners - 2008 Readers Choice Gold Award - Regional Favorite Noreast Cleaners - 2008 Readers Choice Award

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Automation Offers Efficiency and Consistency

By Angela Beniwal

Dave Mering compares the impact of automation on the drycleaning industry to when point-of-sale (POS) computer systerms were first introduced. Both have dramatically changed business owners' ability to impove efficiency and output. "The idea of getting that kind of database and being able to manage the database was a huge step foward for the drycleaning industy, and I think that automation is the same kind of step forward," he says.

Reprint Drycleaners News Vol. 58 No. 2 February 2009

2008 Regional Readers Choice Award 2008 Readers Choice Award

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Glourester Daily Times Article

Applying ATM Technology to Dry-Cleaning

by Richard Gaines, Staff Writer

GLOUCESTER — It will look and perform much like an ATM and drive-through bank branch, which indeed, was what the 1,600-square-foot commercial unit at Station Place was designed to accommodate. But instead of transactions in cash and checks, customers will give and receive shirts and slacks and the rest of today’s wardrobe by traditional and other means.

Reprint Gloucester Daily Times 04/06/04.

Gloucester Daily Times

Local Dry Cleaner Attributes Success to Service, Stains

by Richard Gaines, Staff Writer

Shakespeare, as usual, spoke to and for all of us when it comes to dry cleaning. Of course, the problem with stains goes way back — someone was the first to drop a mammoth rib on a sheepskin robe, leaving a glob of grease that wouldn’t wash out and couldn’t be hidden. It stayed there, embarrassing the heck out of the cave person, giving his or her spouse ample ammunition to ridicule the slob until somebody found a natural juice that would dissolve it and return the robe to nearly new.

Reprint Gloucester Daily Times 05/20/03.


100% Satisfaction

"I am 100% satisfied with the Miele Wet Cleaning System. And I can't say that about any other equipment I've purchased. I'm wet cleaning about 30-40% of my garments and I know that I have not come close to reaching the potential of this extraordinary machine. It's a true "Cadillac" of craftsmanship.